At the core of our operations in multiple industries is the principle of giving back. Throughout the years, we have championed various advocacies and have thrived on a proactive spirit of service.

U-Go helps ambitious and promising young women in low-income countries to pursue higher education by providing financial scholarships funded by individuals and corporations.

We partner with local justice systems around the world to build safe communities, where all are protected from violence and slavery.

We empower rural and marginalized villages throughout the Philippines by providing access to sustainable solar energy solutions.

We honor God by serving and empowering the underprivileged youth of the Philippines through educational assistance, character formation, and leadership development. By changing lives, we are changing a nation.

We put God's love into action by providing each and every Filipino a decent place to live — leading to better health, stronger childhood development, and financial ability for a better future.


We share our passion for GIVING, SERVING, and community with our customers, inspiring them to OVERFLOW with love.