Where To Eat: Top Breakfast Spots In The Philippines This 2020

Whether you enjoy tender and zesty serving of tapsilog in the morning or waffles with berries in the afternoon, there is no denying that breakfast meals bring comfort like no other. To help you find the perfect brekkie for you, we listed down seven top-notch restaurants that have perfected the craft:

The Blue Kitchen in Power Plant Mall Presents Artisanal Regional and International Favorites

If you’re looking for a place to get your hands on regional and international specialties in one roof, look no further than The Blue Kitchen at the Power Plant Mall, Makati City. The store, although it may not have the airiest of space, beams with Philippine regional favorites, ready-to-serve meals, and food that require minimal … Continued

Cupid’s Chocolate, Rum Strawberry, Red Velvet Dream—desserts to make your date swoon

Nothing says “I love you” more than these pastries, which our featured chefs and home bakers have thoughtfully crafted in time for the love month.

The Best Chicken in Manila That You Haven’t Tried Yet

There are restaurants that are so associated with their bestsellers that they become synonymous with their specialties. Think pizza, you think Kermit (we can all argue about that in our best pizza list). Think Filipino-style spaghetti, you think Jollibee. Think fried chicken, you think, well, Jollibee again. And Max’s. And Savory. By now, you have … Continued

Chef Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto of Nono’s Shares Her Recipe for What Just Might Be the World’s Fluffiest Cheesecake

Done right, even the simplest food can wow. Chef Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto has proven this time and again through her array of creations in Classic Confections*. From her Chocolate Oblivion to her Lemon Torte (our very own chef Kimmie’s favorite) she transforms familiar sweets to sophisticated desserts. She continues the same style at Nono’s, where she … Continued

Nono’s Holiday 2019 Packages Will Lessen Your Holiday Stress

With the Christmas season inching closer and closer, the hustle and bustle to organize everything (buying gifts, decorating the house, maybe book plane tickets etc.) is becoming more surreal and may be even stressful to some. Not to worry, Nono’s various packages for the holiday season this year aim to remind you of the real … Continued